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Astro: The AI app That Can Help Manage Your Inbox

Astro is a bold new app that’s trying to make email less stressful and cluttered by adding artificial intelligence to declutter your inbox.

Cleaning out your phone once in a while is always a good idea, because apps and files can add up quickly. While you’re having Astro clean up your inbox, you may as well clean out your entire phone. Use dfndr performance’s App Manager feature to quickly identify unwanted apps and uninstall them in one screen. Try it right now:

App Manager will free up tons of space on your phone for new photos, videos, and apps — like Astro — so you can enjoy a decluttered phone experience.

The Benefits of Astro
Maybe you’re interested in the idea of using artificial intelligence to clean up your email inbox and free up some space, but you’re afraid that the AI will delete emails you wanted to keep. Don’t worry, Astro is truly intelligent and it is the first email app that comes with a built in chatbot to talk to you. Astro will chat with you, and recommend to you what you should unsubscribe from, what to save, and which contacts you should make VIP. The app asks your permission before deleting things so you will never wake up to a string of important work emails being erased from your inbox.

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Astro is designed to make your life easier. It has Astrobot Voice and Alexa. This makes it easy to read your emails aloud using Alexa on the Amazon Echo or your phone. This is a great benefit of Astro because you can now hear important emails when you’re on-the-go or driving. It’s also supported by Gmail and Office 365, so no matter what email provider you use, Astro is there to help you and clean up your inbox.

Where You Can Download Astro
You can download Astro from the Google Play store. In addition to downloading it from this store, you can also add Astro to Slack because it has full Slack integration. This means that you can add Slack search and Slack email so that you can manage your email from your Slack app. Another place you can use Astro is on the Amazon Echo, also known as Alexa. This way you can give commands to Alexa, and Astro will go in and complete those commands in your email inbox.

Overall, if you want a cleaner inbox, why stop there? Clean up the rest of your phone with App Manager to make space on your phone for new applications and pictures. A phone free of clutter is a more efficient phone.