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How to Automatically Delete Old WhatsApp Photos

Is your Android's storage space disappearing and you can't figure out why? If you're a WhatsApp user, there is a solution. Find out more.

It’s always risky to make assumptions, but the odds are good that WhatsApp is downloaded on your phone. In 2017, the popular SMS app reported having 1.2 billion active monthly users around the world. There is, however, one drawback to using WhatsApp. The app can be a quite a storage hog, and can take up valuable space on your device. That’s why you should use DFNDR’s WhatsApp Cleaner to make some room your device. Click here to let WhatsApp Cleaner remove old, unnecessary files:

WhatsApp Cleaner is the answer to your woes. Instead of ruthlessly deleting all your old photos and videos, DFNDR’s feature gives you choices. As the user, you can select a timespan of files you want to remove. For instance, you can specifically delete media from July 1st, 2016 to September 30th, 2016. There is also an option to efficiently select exactly which WhatsApp photos and videos to keep. While you’re cleaning up, DFNDR helpfully shows the amount of storage you’re saving by deleting files. It’s just that simple! The following will explain why WhatsApp can take up so much on your device and how you can remedy this issue.

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WhatsApp is Popular and User-Friendly

WhatsApp is a convenient way to send texts, photos, and videos to friends and family — regardless of where they live. You can even make long-distance calls for free! That’s because WhatsApp uses a Wi-Fi connection for communication, as opposed to running up your phone bill or using your precious data. Of course, you need to first connect your Android to the Internet to take advantage of WhatsApp’s features.

How WhatsApp Eats Up Your Storage Space

You’re probably wondering what’s going on with the app growing in size, or even thinking of deleting your WhatsApp app entirely because of this issue. But hold that overeager finger! The problem and its solution are both very straightforward. Essentially, if you haven’t switched off the “Auto Download” setting, WhatsApp is saving every photo and video you receive.

Like most users, you probably receive a lot of silly memes and funny selfies from your contacts. These files are entertaining at the time, but there’s no reason to keep them forever. Indeed, over time, the photos and videos will accumulate, taking up increasing amounts of storage and even slowing down your device. Now, you could go into your Android and delete the entire media folder for WhatsApp, but WhatsApp Cleaner is a better, faster, and more user-friendly way of revitalizing the app.