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The Best Android Apps for Classic Board Game Lovers

Wish you could play Battleship or Monopoly while commuting? Wish no more. Learn about the best apps for playing your favorite board games on your Android now.

Our lives often don’t operate as efficiently as our smartphones — that’s why we have applications on our phones to make our lives easier and to keep us entertained while we’re waiting in line or commuting on the train to work. Now, you can take your favorite classic board games with you on your smartphone everywhere you go, without the hassle of lugging around heavy boxes or looking for a missing game piece.

1. Monopoly Here & Now by Hasbro

This app presents Monopoly in an animated, 3D version, with the gist of the game still in tact. But now the game includes international real estate locations, in cities such as Paris and Sydney, and international playing pieces, like the Russian Nesting Doll or the Sumo Wrestler. You can play in single player mode or play against a friend by linking your phones. There’s even the option to connect the app to your TV with Chromecast, a great option for larger groups or those who just want to watch the game.

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2. Risk: Global Domination by Hasbro

Another classic board game created by Hasbro, this game stays true to the original Risk rules. In addition, it includes 4 different game modes, 4 difficulty settings, and can have up to 6 players. Like the Monopoly app, this game can also be connected to the TV with Chromecast for more than just the players involved to enjoy.

3. Battleship by smuttlewerk interactive

This app mimics the original mood and setup of the game, but in a blueprint format (a nod to the original pencil and paper format of the game from WWI). The blueprint displays the location of your ships, where they have been hit, which of your enemy’s ships have been eliminated, and a grid showing hits and misses of your enemy’s fleet.

4. Scrabble by Electronic Arts

In this version of Scrabble you don’t need a friend to play — you can play against the computer, or else against an opponent randomly selected online. However, there is the option to play against your Facebook friends, and chat with them as you play. This app even includes a Scrabble dictionary to help you out, or timed play if you want to further challenge yourself.

Download one or all of these apps now to keep your mind entertained and engaged while on your morning commute — or even if you just want to relax and play your favorite board game.