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The Best Android Devices for Experiencing Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is here, and it's rapidly increasing in popularity. Here are a few of the best Android devices that will rock your virtual world.

Current virtual reality (VR) technology is gaining traction as a pioneer in entertainment. However, virtual reality is still not compatible with the majority of handheld devices. Nonetheless, there are some smartphones that are ahead of the game when it comes to VR technology.

Some qualities to take into consideration for an all-encompassing VR experience are: quality graphics, functional accessories, significant memory storage (for an understandable amount of data associated with VR functions), and the ability to connect to headsets, among other features, that make the VR experience possible.

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Samsung Galaxy S7

Everything from the older Samsung Galaxy 5 and up is able to connect to VR components and associated apps. As the premier pick, the S7 is one of the best Androids for the task. It is compatible with Google Cardboard, which is an affordable VR option that is an ode to a childhood spent playing in boxes and creating imaginary worlds. The S7 also works with more complex, futuristic products and headsets. Do some research to find out the degree at which you hope to experience VR in order to find the equipment and apps that fit your needs.

Other Smartphone Models

There are other Android phones to consider, if only for their individual perks. The Galaxy S6 hooks up to headsets that are easier on the budget, as well as to pricier accessories like the Samsung Gear VR, which is a much-anticipated 360-degree viewer that takes head movement to a 4-inch depth. However, continue to explore older options to find the Android model that fits your VR needs best. Even an S5 or older might be suitable for you.

Your VR and PSafe

Protect more than just your sanity when using virtual reality components. PSafe Total will provide constant security while you delve into the virtual world, with features that work in your phone’s background to keep it protected. With dozens of VR-specific apps to fit your needs, take advantage of an app manager to maintain enough storage for your new virtual reality toys. In addition, PSafe Total will help you to get rid of any unwanted junk, such as excess files stored on your phone. Enjoy your journey!