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Should You Buy a Virtual Reality Headset?

Should You Buy a Virtual Reality Headset?

Learn more about the virtual reality headsets currently available, and whether or not you should buy one now. Hint: It might be better to wait.

Some of the best tech companies — like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft — are heavily investing in virtual reality, which means that in the future it will be even easier to try out virtual reality at an affordable price. Not to mention that virtual reality headsets will, naturally, be pretty incredible in the near future as the technology improves. So, it might be worth it to wait a couple of years before splurging on a headset. Nonetheless, the following are some reasons why you should wait, or take the plunge, on VR headsets right now.

Why You Should Wait
If you’re simply curious about VR headsets, and not truly invested in that type of technology, then the best option is to wait until more models are released in the coming years.

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The following are a few reasons you should wait on buying a VR headset:

  • Limited Use. VR headsets are dominantly used for gaming, and even then, there are few games currently available.
  • Design. The current design for most VR headsets is impractical: it’s bulky and all-consuming, meaning that you are at the headset’s mercy when you wear it.
  • Screen Resolution. We’ve gotten used to HD displays for our TVs, phones, and computers, so some VR headsets might feel like a blast from the past. While the technology is impressive, the display can often be pixilated.
  • Price. Many VR headsets will typically set you back anywhere from $400-$1,000.

Why You Should Take the Plunge
Remember when the first Game Boy was released, and how amazed we were at the technology? There’s still a lot that new technology has to offer, even if we know it will improve in the years to come. But that’s what makes the investment in new technology exciting — we can experience it now, and essentially “grow” with it.

Like the Game Boy, VR headsets are typically used for gaming (for now). If you don’t want to wait for VR to improve, and have an excessive amount of cash, there are some good headsets currently available for a range of prices. These options include HTC Vive ($799), PlayStation VR ($399), Oculus Rift ($599), and Samsung’s Gear VR ($99.99), among others. There’s even Google Cardboard, available on Amazon for about $15, which is exactly how it sounds: it’s a cardboard headset designed to “transform” your smartphone into a virtual reality headset. Even though it’s not truly comparable to the actual VR headsets on the market, Google Cardboard is a fun, cheap alternative to try out before investing in a more expensive VR headset for gaming, like the previously mentioned headsets or even the forthcoming Google Daydream.