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These Are the Best Android Games of 2017 So Far

Want to stay up-to-date with the most talked-about Android games in 2017? Here are four of the best games that were rolled out for Android this year.

Who doesn’t love a great game? Every year, there are new must-have games for Android that everyone seems to be talking about. A lot of these games are becoming more complex, too, and might include incredible graphics, augmented reality, or virtual reality. All of these features can demand a lot from your device, though. Use Game Booster to make sure that you’re playing the latest games as they were meant to be played:

DFNDR’s Game Booster feature improves your gaming performance by freeing up RAM on your device. That way, you can play games faster, without lagging or crashing. Want to test out some of the hottest games this year with Game Booster? Here are four games that have been released — or will soon be released — for Android that everyone is buzzing about.

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Fire Emblem Heroes

Released on February 2, Fire Emblem Heroes is a free role-playing game that is a spin-off of the popular Fire Emblem series. In the game, your objective is to create a team of up to four “heroes” to attack other players’ teams on missions. Missions use up players’ stamina, depending on how difficult other teams are to fight. Additionally, to improve your teams, you can use the game’s currency to gain more “orbs,” which, in turn, help you choose better heroes.

Injustice 2

Although Injustice 2 hasn’t been released yet — it will be released this month — players are already excited for this sequel to the popular 2013 game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Like in the first game, players choose characters and engage in “clashes” where they can fight other characters. Unlike the first game, though, the sequel includes a “Gear System” that lets you choose characters equipped with costumes and equipment that make them fight differently than other characters.

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

This game series is based on Marvel’s comic book series, Guardians of the Galaxy. The game will be released in a series of episodes; the first one was released in April. Like in other adventure games, players in Guardians of the Galaxy explore environments and objects where they make choices and take part in “actions.” If you’re familiar with the Guardian series, you’ll be happy to know that you play at Star-Lord in much of this role-playing game.

Shadowgun Legends

Another sequel that’s soon to be released, Shadowgun Legends is a follow-up to its 2011 predecessor, Shadowgun. In 2380, Earth is stripped of its resources and corporations control every element of people’s lives. This is the scene into which your warrior is thrown and must fight for human survival. In this game, players control a warrior who is battling aliens to save the world.