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The Top 5 Best Games Available on Android

With so many new game apps for Android, you might need a little help choosing the best ones. Here are five of our favorites in a variety of genres.

Android app creators release new games all the time. Some of them are buggy. Others aren’t as fun to play as they might seem. Others cost more than they’re worth. The holy grail of the awesome Android game app might seem hard to find, but it’s out there. Here, we’ll tell you about five of the best Android game apps that you should check out immediately.


A multi-player game in which you must escape obstacles and beat the scrolling screen from eating you up. The game’s recently-added additions let players create their own levels and play in adventure mode.

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Plants vs Zombies 2

While it’s in technically a classic tower defense game, Plants vs Zombie 2 has a different twist: you use a variety of plants to take on a zombie army. Each level of the game is different and requires you to use serious strategy to win. Best of all, you get a lot of the game’s content for free.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter lets you do what its name implies: create a fallout shelter. First, you need to build an underground shelter, and then create a community that lets your little people – called Dwellers – thrive and prosper. Once the fallout is over, you can send your Dwellers out to explore the new land.

Cut the Rope 2

A unique take on the puzzle game, Cut the Rope 2 has you “cut the rope” to feed candy to a strange animal named Om Nom. Each level gets more difficult – and the puzzles are truly a challenge.

Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG

Your goal in this game is to save Dragonia from dragons. To play, you advance through various levels, each of which you unlock different heroes with different skills. You then use the heroes to shoot at dragons and protect your land.

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