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These Are the Best Dining Apps for Android

It can be tempting to go to your favorite corner store again, but every once in a while it's nice to treat yourself to something new and exciting to eat.

Going out to eat can be a fun way to change up your schedule and do something exciting with friends, and it can even be a good way to take a break from technology and interact with the sensory world. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t use technology to make sure you’re going to a place with food you’ll like, a place with open seats and good prices, and a place you and your friends will have a good time. Use these apps to make sure that once you arrive, you’ll be able to unplug, get chatting, and chow down on some delicious food.

OK, here’s an option for when you want to keep your pajamas on. Going out can be great, but sometimes it’s a rainy day and you want to watch a movie. Eat24 is a great delivery app, allowing you to filter through options by selecting distance, ratings, and even health. You can read Yelp reviews before making your selection, and if you have Android Pay, the app is compatible with that as well, making your check out even easier.

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So you’re going out, but you don’t want to resort to junk food. Great! Tasteful helps you find restaurants in your area that adhere to different diets: vegetarian, low cal, and gluten-free (among others). Dining out for people with specific needs can be difficult or stressful, and it’s good to know the restaurant you’re going to will be able to accommodate you (or those in your party) beforehand. The food is still delicious, of course.

Speaking of accommodation, it’s never fun to arrive at a restaurant and be told you have a two-hour wait, especially if you’re hungry when you arrive. OpenTable makes that easy. Just plug in a time and place and discover restaurants with openings. It is so much easier than calling each restaurant individually.

Happy Hour Finder
OK, not technically dining, but it’s never a bad idea to grab a beer with a friend, and it’s never a bad idea to save an extra buck or two while doing so. Happy Hour Finder tells you about the time frame of the happy hours around you (ensuring you don’t show up just as happy hour ends) while also outlining the deals — imagine going to a happy hour that’s one dollar off while right next door there is a “buy one, get one free” deal!