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Summer Shows to Catch Up On with Google Play

Now that it’s summer, you have time to catch up on all those shows you’ve missed. Here are four binge-worthy shows you can get with Google Play.

Looking for a hit TV show to binge this summer? Check out the list below to catch up on current, popular shows — or old favorites — this season. If you’re interested in downloading any of these shows to your Android, you may want to run Quick Cleanup on your phone beforehand to create more space. Click here to remove junk files and free up space on your device for new TV episodes:


Game of Thrones
Want to be submerged in an epic tale of two families full of noblemen fighting for power? Game of Thrones is the show for you. With the show returning soon for season seven on HBO, Google Play has a sale on past seasons to help you make up for lost time. If you want to try the first season it’s only $18.99. If you’re ready to commit, seasons one through six are available for $99.99. If you have been watching all along and just need season six, it is available for $22.99.

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If you are looking for a summer-style comedy that you can watch through to its finale, look no further than the show Psych, set on the sunny beaches of Santa Barbara. The show is a fantastic mix of drama, comedy, and detective mystery. Each episode runs forty minutes and follows Shawn, a detective consultant pretending to be a psychic, as he helps the police with their most ridiculous cases. Seasons one through seven each cost $24.99, while season eight has a reduced price of $16.99.

Big Bang Theory
If all you want is a twenty-minute burst of laughter on demand, then you might enjoy The Big Bang Theory. This CBS sitcom follows a group of nerdy scientists who are smart in the lab, but completely lost in the real world. The show and its cast have won dozens of awards over their ten-year run, and whether you space them out or binge watch whole seasons at once, you’re sure to see why. Season one is available for $19.99, while all the other seasons are $29.99.

Prefer intricate plotlines with modern takes on classic characters? Then you may find just what you’re looking for in Sherlock, a BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch. There are only four seasons of this hit show so far, and each season only has three or four episodes, which feel more like individual movies. The seasons aren’t on a set schedule, so each one feels like a nice surprise when they pop up. You can buy the first three seasons in a package deal for $39.99, and you can buy the fourth season for $13.99.