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The Best MicroSD Card Brands for Android

Not every Android has enough space to save everything you want to save. One of these microSD cards can help you expand your phone’s memory to save more.

If you’re like most people, the space on your Android fills up more quickly than you would expect. One of the most common reasons a phone runs out of space is because you don’t clear your phone’s cache or junk files frequently enough. These files can cause your apps to quickly bloat. Click here to get rid of junk files, temporary files, cache, and trash with Quick Cleanup:

An uncleared cache can eat up a lot of space, so make sure you’re clearing your cache regularly with Quick Cleanup. This feature will quickly free up internal memory and SD card space so that you have more room for apps and files.

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But if you still don’t have enough room on your phone even after you clear out your cache, you may be lacking enough memory. In that case, you might need a microSD card. A microSD card is a removable flash memory card for your mobile device. Most of these cards give you anywhere between 4GB to 200GB of additional storage, but it all depends on how much your phone can hold. Many phones can only hold SD cards up to 32GB, for example. Interested to learn more? The following lists the best microSD cards you can buy.

SanDisk Ultra 200GB

This microSD has a lot of extra room for the Samsung Galaxy S7 user. The card is specially designed to offer super-fast transfer speeds and HD video. It also lets you store a ton of movies and music to play on your phone.

PNY Elite 128GB

This affordable microSD card gives you lots of storage and fast reading and transfer speeds. Clocking in at under $35, this card is one of the best bangs you can get for your buck.

SanDisk Extreme PLUS 64GB

With lightning-fast transfer speeds — at up to 95MB per second — and 4K video recording, this microSD card is of professional quality. It also comes with an SD adapter so you can trade the card among laptops, phones, and notebooks.

Kingston Digital 64GB microSDXC Card

A fast reader and writer, this microSD card also comes equipped with an adapter that lets you use it on other kinds of devices. It’s also very affordable at $35.

If you find yourself always running out of room on your phone, your first step is to use Quick Cleanup to get rid of any files you don’t need anymore. Next, though, start considering a microSD card if you are constantly needing more memory.