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Best Mobile Batteries for Your Cell Phone

Don’t let your battery life dominate your mobile phone usage. We’ve got the best batteries to make sure you don’t fall victim to your battery life.

It’s your worst nightmare, you have two hours left on your morning commute and your phone died. You’re stuck on a train or bus with no music, no apps, no message, and no phone calls. We’ve found the best android phone batteries to make sure this scenario never becomes a reality.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The S7 Edge battery is an easy sell. The battery is fully charged in one and a half hours. That’s as three episodes on Netflix fast. Don’t have time for a binge? By charging your phone for just ten minutes, you can get four hours of cell phone use. If you use your phone at a normal usage during the day you should still have 25 to 35 percent battery life at the end of the day. It’s known for it’s exceptional battery saving during standby time so you rightfully don’t get penalized for not using your phone.

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Xiaomi Mi 5

This battery is a bargain for your buck, and it’s clear why this phone is dominating the Chinese markets. This battery will last you all day, and has been able to last for 8 hours and 55 minutes straight. The phone will charge super fast for those times you only have fifteen minutes before making the next train.

OnePlus One

Are you one of those people who are addicted to your phone? Never fear, the OnePlus One is the phone for you. This amazing battery will last you thirteen hours of heavy use, constant internet, phone call and video viewing. For those of us who sadly have to be away from our android during parts of the day, this phone battery will easily last you a day and a half.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Some may say that the best parts of the Note 5 are the amazing camera, huge screen, and stylus features. But their missing one. The battery life. Again, those heavy phone users will have no fear. At the end of busy cell phone day, you’ll still have around thirty percent of your battery life left.

With these phones you’ll never have to worry about a dead battery again. Want even more battery life? Download PowerPro by PSafe to add on to the amazing battery saving powers of the normal Android Phones.