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Best Password Managers for Your Android Devices

Keeping track of all your passwords can be a hassle. Use these three password managers to store, share, generate, and protect your sensitive login information.

Keeping track of multiple passwords can be a difficult task, especially if each password contains a different mix of numbers, upper- and lowercase letters, and symbols. While it can be tempting to use simple and memorable passwords, or the same two passwords across all accounts, this approach can pose a severe threat to all of your most sensitive accounts. DFNDR users looking to protect themselves from password and data theft should activate Anti-Hacking on their device. Click here to stay safe online:

Anti-Hacking will not only protect devices from malicious sites, but it will also protect sensitive login credentials from hackers by blocking phishing attempts. In addition to using Anti-Hacking, you should also consider using a password manager on your Android. This is a secure app which stores and generates multiple passwords through the same encrypted platform. Check out some of the best password managers below.

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This password app generator relies on AES 256-bit encryption and depends on end-to-end encryption, so that your private login information is only ever decrypted offline. Through the app, users can create strong passwords and memorable passphrases, and sync the app across devices. The app allows users to organize information and passwords into categories, from addresses and bank accounts, to credit cards and driver’s licenses. Information can be tagged, favorited, and split into different vaults to keep work and personal information separate. Unlike many other password apps, 1Password allows users to link team and family accounts within the platform.


Dashlane is one of the best options for free password management. Also equipped with AES 256-bit encryption, Dashlane offers local-only and cloud backup options, fingerprint ID, and the ability to encrypt all in-app passwords. Users can rely on the app to generate passwords, sync devices through the platform, and lock passwords automatically if the device is lost. In addition, Dashlane offers a Digital Wallet feature, which will organize credit card information, sync all mobile apps for express checkout, store receipts in a payments section, and auto-fill mobile web forms automatically.

aWallet Password Manager

The aWallet Password Manager is one of the most versatile options within the password manager market. Not only does the app securely store passwords, it also collects credit card information, e-banking credentials, and web accounts, along with other custom data. The application relies on AES 256-bit and blowfish encryption, and supports the destruction of personal data after repeated unsuccessful attempts to unlock the app. The app relies on numerous safety features to protect your account against hacking attempts, including offline efforts.