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A Brief Overview of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Despite amazing reviews, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has experienced some turbulence since its release. Click here to get an overview of Samsung’s latest product.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded in popularity upon its release. Literally. In mid-September, Samsung recalled the device because the battery cells were combusting and exploding in customers’ pockets. Samsung will reimburse all users with money or a new, unaffected Note 7 if they trade in their phones beginning on September 21.

Despite this daunting flaw in the device, there are several pros that are worth noting. First of all, while it has been proven that the phone isn’t fireproof, it is water resistant and won’t short circuit if exposed to liquids. Moreover, the phone is a thing of beauty. It contains a sleek wraparound glass and a stylish stylist called the “S pen” that comes attached to the phone.

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Moreover, the storage has increased 2x from the Edge. While the Edge only contains 32GB of storage space, the Note 7 has 64GB. There is also an ocular iris scanner that is used to unlock your phone. This is a much more efficacious security system, as the PIN number you usually use is susceptible to hacking. There is also a fingerprint scanner if you wish to use your finger in lieu of your eye to unlock your device. Lastly, Samsung flaunts the long lasting battery life that comes with the Note 7.

Unfortunately, there are also some cons to the device that are important to assess — other than catching on fire. First of all, the price tag alone is enough to turn away a good number of customers. Some of the versions of the phone exceed $900! Plus, the iris scanner has been reported as faulty. Several Note users complained about the complexity of this new technology, and they much prefer the simplicity of the PIN number.

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