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How Emergency Location Services Can Save Your Life

It can be stressful trying to articulate an exact location amid the distress the of a 911 call. Learn how you can save your life in times of emergency.

It’s that time of year again: college students are moving back to their campuses to commence their semesters. Freshmen are getting their first taste of independence as they move into their dorms and away from their families. However, venturing far from home can be scary, especially in times of danger. If an emergency situation arises, it can be incredibly hard for these young freshman to tell first responders their exact location.

Thanks to Emergency Location Services, you no longer have to know your exact location to save your life. With the combination of cell tower data, Wi-Fi, and GPS, your phone can automatically communicate to 911 your precise location. The technology works in both indoor and outdoor locations.

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According to the Emergency Location Services Project Manager Akshay Kannan, this technology is already theoretically available on over 99% of smartphones. Moreover, you don’t even have to click a button to install it. Thanks to Google Play Services, the software has been automatically distributed to any Android that is running above Android system 2.3.

On the other hand, there is one limitation. In order for this software to work, there needs to be an emergency infrastructure provider. Because of this requirement, the technology is only available within the borders of the United States. However, Android is working hard to get this technology available globally.

This limitation can also affect you if your local EMS station isn’t compatible with an emergency infrastructure provider. Be sure to stop by your local EMS station or give them a call (not at 911) to ensure this technology is available for you.

So, thanks to this new technology, you can safely wander your campus without stressing over your location. Should a traumatic event happen, you should already be armed with the latest technology that can save your life and others.