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Businesses Can Now Video Conference Using Meet

As a part of their new G Suite, Google has created the app “Meet,” designed to facilitate bigger and quicker business meetings from any location.

In late February of this year, Google released G Suite, a package that integrates Gmail, Drive, Docs, and Calendar for businesses. Another feature is Hangout’s business-friendly twin app, Meet. Meet is a Google Hangout app for conference meetings on the go. All of G Suite is now available on Google’s website and as an Android app. You can download Hangouts Meet from the Google Play store for free. Continue reading to find out more about Meet and Google’s new service package.

What Exactly is Meet?

Meet is advertised as an upgraded version of their previous call-in group conference app, allowing up to 30 individuals to partake in meetings with intelligent muting of the background for every participant. While using Meet, the screen focuses on the person talking, so all 30 windows can be discreetly cornered while the real discussion takes places seamlessly. There is also a dial-in number for employees to call in.

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Meet Helps to Improve How Businesses Operate

Video conferences have become more and more popular in recent years, as they cut down on travel costs, travel time, and meeting delays while optimizing attendance. Conversations, deals, and brainstorms are hashed out without any party having to leave their office. There’s greater flexibility overall for those who have to conference frequently to conduct their business. Meet recognizes all of these benefits and enhances them. It allows any desktop, tablet, laptop, or smartphone to beep in with one click of a button (which is stored in Google Calendar for this exact purpose).

Here Are Some of Meet’s Features

Meet also integrates built-in screen sharing and straight-to-YouTube HD live streams, a feature that is best for showcasing new brand products or ideas while the conference is taking place. There is no time limit to these streams, so external participants can watch at length — or even join the conferences, if they are invited. Meet is encrypted, too, so meetings that need to be held securely need not worry about breaches or public accessibility, even with a large number of participants involved.

Meet is a Competitive Video-Conferencing App

Meet is now competing against conference-specific apps like Skype and GoToMeeting. However, this enterprise-friendly app will appeal to companies already using a large number of Google’s existing apps. The project page is a very recent addition, however, and it’s clear that Google has been keeping its release quiet as they develop the Suite further.