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Everything You Need to Know About Intel’s Project Alloy

Intel’s new Project Alloy system cleverly blends the real world with virtual reality. Click here to find out everything you need to know.

Intel is currently developing a new project that will allow users to live in a semi-virtual reality. Users who wear the Project Alloy headset can live in a controlled virtual reality that is influenced by its environment. It sounds very confusing, but Intel presented a demo at their recent convention that made the concept very clear.

At the conference, a user wore the headset, and the images he saw were projected on a giant screen behind him. The person was able to use a dollar bill as a lathe to slice a virtual stack of gold. He was also able to reach up and flip a switch with his hands to turn on a light in the virtual reality world. This exemplifies how you can use real life objects and your environment to influence the game play in these merged reality settings.

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The system allows you to move in six directions. Intel says that the user can play within a “large space,” but they did not quantify the size. Project Alloy is also unique because it has built in sensors. While most virtual reality systems require the users to set up auxiliary sensors in the room, Project Alloy has the sensors built into the wireless headset.

Intel plans to reveal the blueprints of the Project Alloy as an open source next year. This is so third parties could develop headsets and further the progression of this technology. Furthermore, Intel is partnering with Windows to optimize the development of the software within Project Alloy.

While critics note that the Project Alloy isn’t as precise as other top notched virtual reality systems, they also praise the innovation that Project Alloy is bringing to the world of virtual reality.

Between the cordless headset and the low budget required for its production, Project Alloy is certainly an exciting project that will serve as an excellent building block for further innovation.

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