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How can you Tell Which Android Phone is Right for You?

Samsung is constantly improving the technology in Android phones. Consumers have a tough time deciding which Android is right for them. Learn more here.

With so many different options for an Android phone, it can be hard to decide which is the best fit for you. They’re all amazing in their own ways. Here, you can find the different options broken down in order to help you find the best fit.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The latest and greatest amongst Android phones, the Samsung Galaxy S7, is a force to be reckoned with. If you’re a tech fanatic and you don’t mind spending a few pretty pennies in pursuit of your technological gadgets, then this phone is for you. With extremely fast speeds and a boatload of memory, you will have no problem surfing the web or storing all of your photos on your phone. That being said, the camera on this thing is impeccable. This phone is also waterproof, so you won’t have to cry over (literal) spilt milk. Users also rave about the lengthy battery life that comes with this phone.

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Nexus 6P

For those who are on a bit of a budget but still want the advanced features Android has to offer, this phone might be the one for you. The phone has a durable metal build with pretty decent speakers. A downside of the 6P is the camera bulge on the back of the phone. It also lacks some of Samsung’s latest and greatest technology, including wireless charging and image stabilization. However, besides the aesthetics and lack of advanced technology, this phone is truly worth the bargain.

LG V10

If you are an obsessive selfie taker and Snapchat loving Millennial, then look no further. This phone is a selfie specialist. With a front facing camera that has a 120-degree angle lens, this device has the propensity to capture your face and a scenic background. It also has two front facing cameras to help improve selfie quality. However, without a plan, the phone can be up to $600. In conclusion, this phone should be reserved for the cinematographer/adventurer who wants to make the most out of their cell phone camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

If you are a strong believer that the pen is stronger than the sword, then the Galaxy Note 5 is certainly the phone for you. The phone has a 5.7-inch screen and is equipped with a stylus that allows you to take notes. A flaw that users typically mention is the titanic size of this phone, but this is just to accommodate the needs of those who need to take notes with the stylus. So, if you are known to make notes and reminders on the phone, the stylus and the notepad on this phone are going to be your bread and butter.

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