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What Causes Android Overheating, and How to Stop It

Whether it is a little too much time in the sun, or too many apps running in the background, there are many ways your phone can overheat.

There are multiple ways that your phone, or even your computer, can overheat and become permanently damaged. Luckily, there are also many ways to prevent your device from overheating. The best way to prevent your phone from overheating — often due to too many applications running tasks in the background of your phone while you’re not using it — is to take advantage of the cpu cooler feature in dfndr security. Click here to decrease phone temperature and speed up your phone:

What Can Cause Your Phone to Overheat?
The most likely reason that your phone is overheating that you left it on the charger for too long. There’s a reason that the message “Phone sufficiently charged please unplug” pops up when your phone reaches 100%. While your phone is charging for that long, it can become hotter and hotter which can wreak havoc on your smartphone.

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Certain Apps Drain Your Battery More
Another problem that can cause phones to overheat is through playing certain battery-draining games. These games tend to use a lot of battery and have a lot running in the background so that the gameplay is fast and exciting. You may notice that your phone tends to get warm when you’ve been playing your favorite game for a while. That may be a sign for you to stop playing and give your phone a break before it overheats.

Close Apps Running in the Background
Finally, if you’re running applications that have many background tasks, these can heat up your phone without you even using it. The apps become great at multitasking and running many programs at once, but that can be extremely detrimental to your phone.

How to Prevent Your Phone From Overheating
One easy way is to unplug your phone from the charger whenever it gets close to 100%. A good rule of thumb is to unplug your phone when it gets around to a 95% charge before you go to bed. Having your phone charge all night can really cause it to overheat.

Another solution is to stop playing games once your phone starts to heat up. This will give your battery a break and prevent your phone from breaking due to overheating. Finally, the best solution is to use cpu cooler. This app will help close any unused, battery-draining apps in order to decrease the temperature of your smartphone and speed up your phone.