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How to Change the Font Size Displayed on Your Android

Many people find it difficult to use their Android phones due to the small default font size. Here are the ways to fix that problem.

Don’t strain your eyes to read the text on your Android phone. The display sizes and font style of text are completely customizable, so you can make them as big or as small as needed. Many Android users feel as though their mobile devices’ screens are too small. People complain of the headaches they get from squinting and straining their eyes to read the text on their 2.5” by 4.5” phone. If you’d like to make the font bigger to read more comfortably, or smaller to fit more text on the screen at once, Android phones will easily accommodate you.

Here is a step-by-step guide to changing your Android phone’s font size.

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The first step is to click the home screen app drawer button and select “Settings.” Next, choose the “Display” option. On the right side, you will now see “Font.” Below that select “Font Size.” You will now be able to choose your font size. You can select from “Tiny,” “Small,” ‘Normal,” “Large,” and “Huge.” When finished selecting, you can exit the “Settings” page. The “Huge” font size setting should be big enough to allow you to read comfortably. If you are an eagle-eyed speed reader, the “Tiny” setting will let you pack as much text onto the screen as possible.

In addition to customizable font sizes, Android phones have various font styles from which to choose. Here’s how you can select your favorite font style.

First, choose the app drawer button and click “Settings.” Once you’re in the “Settings” page, select “Display.” You will now see an area labeled “Font.” Click the “Font style” button located beneath that. You will now be able to choose from a list of desired font styles. There is a somewhat limited selection of font available, so if you want more options, click “Get New Fonts Online.” From here you’ll be able to download compatible fonts from the Internet.

Once satisfied with your choice, you can close out of the settings page. Now that you have the perfect font settings to read comfortably, don’t let your Internet speed slow you down. Avoid the frustration of lag time by using PSafe Total. Their Internet Booster will closes applications that are running in the background on your phone, letting you use data more efficiently.