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How to Change Your Fonts on Android to Something Fun

Who likes that boring font that comes already programmed in your phone? Here, find out how to change it to something that stands out.

For many Android users, the default Android font is enough and works just fine, thank-you-very-much. But for others who require something more, there are two methods to obtain new Android fonts. The best part? There is no rooting required.

How to Get New Android Fonts

Fortunately for the less tech savvy, it can be a relatively simple process to change your Android smartphone’s font. In fact, it might only require a quick trip to the “Settings” menu option.

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Samsung Android users will find it easy to change their font style. The company has even installed a few extra fonts so you can choose the one that works the best for you. You can find even more through the Google Play Store.

Look for “Settings,” then “Display,” and finally “Font Style.” After you select your font, you will accept the changes and your phone will instantly reflect the new font in your text messages, your system menu, and your status bar. There will also be an option to change the size of the font. No reboot required.

Launcher Apps

If your cell phone manufacturer lacks the font changing option, there’s still hope. Simply look to one of many launcher apps to provide the functionality you crave.

Custom launcher apps provide a host of options that go far beyond simple font changes. They change the way your phone looks, beginning with your home screen by adding in new HD or custom wallpaper, but can do far more than mix up your home screen. In addition to utilizing your choice of font, you can use a launcher app to change your widgets and icons to showcase your style.

Browse the Google Play Store to search for a launcher app that covers the bases. Make sure it has been updated relatively recently and that it includes the font option. Read reviews before you commit. Follow launcher app options to enable the font change.

Your Phone, Your Style

No matter how you go about the font style change, Android makes it easy. Now that that’s taken care of, isn’t it time to get the rest of your phone in shape?

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