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The Essential Guide for Clean Your Computer Day

Your computer and smartphone make up your digital space and keeping them clean is essential to remaining productive. Let us show you how with these simple tips.

It’s essential to ensure that your computer is clean, but also your mobile devices need to stay healthy and clean for daily operation. We aren’t merely talking about dusting off the case for a bit of shine but also organizing the contents inside. If your device is being bogged down by old junk files then dfndr performance’s quick cleanup feature can help free up your internal memory and SD card storage.

However, that’s just the first step; here are some other tips to keep all your devices — computer and smartphone running at peak performance on Clean Out Your Computer Day:

Delete Duplicate Photos and Videos
We said it before, but it is worth repeating – remove any duplicates photos and videos that you no longer need on your device. We all know the scenario, at a party or gathering, hitting the photo button half a dozen times to capture the perfect shot. These duplicate shots quickly pile up, draining your smartphone’s storage. Clean out what you no longer need with a duplicate photo cleaner and your smartphone will thank you.

If you are completely drained of storage, consider a solution such as a Google Photos to keep your memories in the cloud for no cost. Do the same for your computer, clean out duplicate photos, or old ones and store them in an encrypted external hard drive.

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Uninstall Apps You Don’t Use
What’s more significant than a photograph and more resource intensive? Hint: It’s your unused apps. Consider the last time you opened that obscure app for celebrity gossip or that app you used to gain entry for a limited time event last year. Apps can take up large amounts of space, quickly diminishing storage. These unused applications may be running in the background, slowly destroying your phone’s efficiency.

Clean Out Facebook Messenger
If you’re chatting with your friends and family via Facebook Messenger, there’s a good chance that you might need to clean out your device. dfndr security’s facebook messenger cleaner feature allows you to remove old, unwanted files that the messenger app may be leaving behind. You could gain extra storage and clean your smartphone by removing old videos, audio messages, and photos still lurking on your device.

Whip Out Some Compressed Air
While shining your computer or mobile device’s exterior won’t be a performance boost, ensuring that your device’s ports remain clean can affect functionality. If you have a laptop or desktop, use a can of compressed air to blow out dust from its vents. Poor cooling due to reduced airflow can cause your computer to slow itself down in certain situations.

Have a mobile device? Be sure to blow out the headphone jack (if your phone still has one), along with any other ports where your pocket lint may decide to hang out. These simple steps can help you easily avoid problems down the road.