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Follow These Tips When You Run Out of Storage Space

Running out of storage space on your Android is a frustrating experience. Avoid it altogether by following these easy-to-use tips.

There’s nothing more irritating than opening your Android’s camera app only to be told you don’t have enough storage space to take a photo. Do you clear out other photos, text messages, apps, and emails to make more room? Or do you just stop taking new pictures?

The first step you can try is to remove old photos, GIFs, audio files, and videos from your Messenger app. Our dfndr performance app has a feature called facebook messenger cleaner that can do this function and help manage your storage  to avoid the dreaded “you don’t have room on your device” pop-up.

Now check out these tips and tricks to make it easier for you to free up space on your phone when you need it most!

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Clean Out the Downloads Folder
Similar to on your computer, your phone keeps a downloads folder that quickly fills up with every attachment you open. It even includes junk files that could have been downloaded from the web by different apps, perhaps in the form of ads. To clean this folder out and to free up space, open the app drawer and tap “downloads.” There, click the three-line menu at the top corner and sort the attachments by size. Tap and hold the different files to delete anything that you no longer need.

Remove Backed-Up Photos
Since the Google photo app so conveniently allows users to back up their photos from a wireless device, it makes it easier to free up space when it comes to your favorite pictures. Get rid of anything that’s already been synced to your Google account and you’ll love having an abundance of extra space on your Android. To do this, open the photo app and tap that three-line menu button in the top left corner. Next, tap “free up device storage.” The app will then let you know how many pictures you can delete from the device’s local storage.

Erase Offline Areas in Google Maps
You probably don’t immediately think of your maps app when you think of what’s hogging space on your Android, but it’s certainly something that can stand to be trimmed down. Since this app now lets you navigate offline, it stores more information than it used to. Start by checking how much space your offline maps app is consuming by tapping that left corner menu and then choosing “Offline.” Each individual offline map will then be displayed with the amount of data it’s taking up. Tap the map and then hit “delete” to get rid of what you don’t want.