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Why Closing Apps Can Boost Internet Speeds

Is your Android's browser moving like it's stuck in molasses? The cure could be as simple as closing those background apps that you've left running.

Let’s be honest, for a minute. The mystery of your phone’s sluggish internet and disappearing data isn’t that difficult to solve. Have you taken a look at how many apps you’ve left running? Background applications are your worst enemy when it comes to conserving data and maximizing your internet speed. If you know that you often forget to close apps, all you need to do is enable the Accelerate Internet feature. With a single click, this feature closes any background apps that you aren’t presently using. Click here to activate Accelerate Internet:

If you keep many extra apps running by accident, you’re spreading your network’s bandwidth over those apps too. So, the megabits that your background apps are devouring every hour? Well, they add up fast! By freeing up your Android’s data, your browser and active apps will run a lot faster with Accelerate Internet’s help. But if your internet connection is still lagging, keep reading to discover other ways to boost its speed.

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Other Ways to Kick Start Your Internet:

  • Always opt for Wifi. At home, make sure that your Android is kept connected to your high-speed internet. This internet source is often faster and more reliable than your cellphone provider’s data network. Public wifi spots tend to vary in speed and some Androids have excellent 3G or 4G networks, so this rule doesn’t consistently apply.
  • Delete any unused applications. Old apps can slow down your cellphone’s performance levels, including its internet browser, because they take up excess RAM and storage space. So, it’s best to go through your Applications folder and delete any that you no longer use. This is also a great trick for improving an Android’s overall function and usability.
  • Install an Ad Blocker. Advertisements can consume a shocking amount of data, especially now that many websites are using pop-up video ads. To get rid of these pesky data munchers, try installing an Ad Blocker from the Google Play Store.
  • Check for viruses. If you’ve tried all of the above steps and your Android’s pace hasn’t changed, it’s time to run a virus sweep. Viruses, malware, and other infected bots can drastically slow down your internet. So, stay safe!