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How To Connect a USB Flash Drive to Your Android Phone

Some files are too important to leave on your laptop. Transferring them to your mobile device is easy and fast, and the accessories to do so are affordable.

It used to be that, when storing files on your phone or computer, you were restricted to keeping them in a single device. Moving locations of your files does not have to be limited to sending them over the Internet. Instead, exercise external resources to protect your data and ensure a successful switch.

Materials Needed to Transfer Files

The materials you will need are: a flash drive, a USB OTG (on-the-go) cable, and a MicroUSB adapter cable. This will allow one end to plug into your phone and the other to hook up to a larger USB port. All of these accessories are available on Amazon. You should have also downloaded Stickmount, a service that allows for immediate “mounting” of USB ports, on your device.

This is usually the standard for Android connections; while all of these items work, there are other advanced connection systems worth researching. Note that not all Stickmount software is compatible with Nexus platforms, so be sure to download the compatible app when making transfers. It is available in several variations for specific devices on Google Play.

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How to Connect the Accessories

Plug the OTG cable in first. Next, attach the flash drive to the other end. Stickmount will appear; touch OK to launch it, and the files you wish to transfer will appear on your screen. With the USB cable and these services, you can upload photos, videos, and even ringtones to your smartphone with ease. Remember to make this process a default action, so Android will do it automatically every time.

Your Files and PSafe

Ensure that your valuable information is kept private with PSafe. When your work has successfully been transferred onto your mobile device, protect it with components of PSafe Total’s security software. Since you’ve just added more data to your device, a Memory Booster will help organize your content and dispose of unwanted files and optimize your storage space.

If there’s too much information for your device to process, the Junk Cleanup feature will sort through existing apps and files and give you the option of deleting preexisting phone components, giving you more room for your files. The PSafe Applock allows users to utilize a second password that is needed to unlock apps and information, even when the phone is unlocked. To further ensure your privacy, the anti-theft feature keeps track of your data at all times.