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How to Create a Playlist for a Cinco de Mayo Party

If you’re planning a party for Cinco de Mayo this year, find out how you can create the perfect music playlist for the occasion.

So, you’re planning a party for Cinco de Mayo. In addition to festive decorations and food, you’ll also need a solid music playlist for the occasion. While purchasing CDs and downloading music are still a common practice, many party hosts may choose to stream custom-made or ready-made playlists online. This allows the host to have access to a wider variety of music — which can be great for themed parties, such as a Cinco de Mayo party. However, the last thing you want is for the music to suddenly stop because your Wi-Fi connection is terrible. Click here to check your Wi-Fi speed:

Wi-Fi Check will make sure your network is up to the task at hand. It will also check your DNS and network security, overall connection, and your download speed. If you have any issues playing music before or during the party, Wi-Fi Check will be able to quickly pinpoint if the issue is related to your Wi-Fi connection.

Cinco de Mayo Today

Historically, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Today, though, the holiday is observed in the U.S. primarily as a day to celebrate the history and culture of Mexican-Americans.

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Party Prep: Boost Your Device

If you’ll be using your Android to stream some of your favorite tunes, then you should also make sure that your phone is performing efficiently. DFNDR’s Memory Booster feature will close applications that are running in the background of your device in order to improve its performance. Doing so will free up your phone’s RAM and speed up your device. That way, your phone will not crash or freeze during your Cinco de Mayo festivities. Click here to boost your device:

Creating Your Ultimate Party Playlist

Overall, your music should be reliable. Address any hiccups beforehand — such as a slow phone or a poor Wi-Fi connection — so that there are no disruptions to the music. You don’t want the mood of your party to be ruined because of technical difficulties.

When you’re choosing music for your Cinco de Mayo party, you want to make sure that you’re playing music that’s relevant for the occasion. That doesn’t mean that all of the party’s music must be more traditional or festive, but you should should include some mariachi and tejano. You should also include some songs by popular Mexican, Mexican-American, or Latino artists today. Some artists you may want to have on your playlist are: Santana, Selena, Thalía, Juan Gabriel, and Romeo Santos.

Pandora and Spotify are great sources for streaming music for your party. Pandora has lists of specific Cinco de Mayo playlists you can choose from, while you can build your own playlist on Spotify. If you choose to buy CDs from select artists — or if you’re using Spotify, YouTube, or another service — make sure to listen to the songs you’re interested in beforehand, so you can get a feel for the mood they’ll create.

Refrain from putting the music on shuffle, find an order for your playlist that allows the songs to mesh well with one another. This means that you should space out certain genres or artists, so that you’re not playing 10 mariachi songs in a row. You should have enough songs in your playlist to last the duration of the party, as well.

Ultimately, you want your music to be fun and hopefully get people dancing too. If that means three hours of festive songs and two hours of pop songs, go with the flow — you want your guests to have an awesome time. Finally, don’t forget to serve tasty, Mexican food along with that music.