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Is It Dangerous if My Starbucks App Has My Credit Card Info

As big as Starbucks is, your credit card information may not be safe on their app. Find out what you can do to make your account more secure.

Despite concerns of breaching and backdoors, the Starbucks app is just like any other major app. You should lean on the side of caution, but do not get paranoid. The Starbucks app is not a phishing scam, nor is it inherently unsafe to use. However, there are some measures you can take to better protect yourself from hackers who want to steal your credit card information. The first step you should take is to turn on Anti-Hacking to prevent your Starbucks credentials from being stolen. Anti-Hacking will automatically block you from entering your information on unsafe or deceptive websites. Click here to activate Anti-Hacking on your phone:


Starbucks is everywhere these days; in many cities, there are Starbucks on every corner. With every seasonal drink or change in cup design, the Seattle-based coffee empire becomes a trending topic yet again. If you are one of the hundreds of Starbucks lovers, you probably take advantage of the Starbucks app, where you can order your drinks and pay without having to wait in rush hour lines. But like all popular apps, there are concerns with the privacy and security measures of Starbucks’ mobile payment system. The big question is if having your credit card information on the Starbucks app is dangerous; so, is it?

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The next thing you need to do is to make sure you change your password regularly. Unless your account has been hacked, changing your password twice a year should be sufficient. Do not create lazy passwords, like all lowercase or sequential numbers. Your passwords should be long and complex, and include symbols, uppercase letters, and numbers. In addition, add a passcode to the account information. That way, if someone knows your Starbucks login, they will have a second layer to get through to breach your credit card info.

Next, take off auto-load. It is too risky for you to keep it on if you are breached and hundreds of dollars of charges rack up. While this is more applicable to using your Starbucks account in a browser, it is still an important step to keep in mind for any online account.

The levels of fraud for Starbucks users are relatively minute, but that does not mean it cannot grow through carelessness. But do not delete the app just because of the possibility of hacking. Every app can be hacked; nothing is foolproof. The best thing to do is to enjoy your Macchiato or Flat White with your Starbucks mobile payment app — as long as you’ve taken the necessary steps to secure your account.


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