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Don’t Let Your Phone Explode: Keep Your Battery Cool

The recent Samsung Note recall has brought to light a scary possibility. Overheating phones can do more damage than you think.

That hot phone in your hand might feel as though it could melt through a table, but at least it’s not on fire. Yet.

Recently, Samsung made headlines for issuing a global recall of the Note 7 after faulty components caused the battery to explode or catch fire due to overheating. While the prospect of a self-combusting cellular device might make you think twice about handling your phone, the good news is there are steps you can take to keep your phone’s temp in check.

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Even if you don’t own a Samsung Note, excessive temperatures are nothing to ignore. Many smartphones have a tendency to run hot during prolonged use or while charging. Overheating can do a number on your phone’s internal components. A lithium-ion battery kept consistently at 77 degrees fahrenheit will lose around 20 percent of its overall capacity, and that number jumps the hotter it gets. Even more worrisome, the heat produced by electronics can cause rashes or burns on skin over time. Keep your phone cool by following these tips.

Avoid Hot Places
Ambient temperatures can contribute to the internal temperature of your device. While it’s not possible to prevent exposure to some heat during the summer, you can limit the damage by not leaving your phone in a hot car or in direct sunlight. It might sound tempting to keep your phone in the fridge, but the cold and condensation won’t do you any favors, either.

Limit Useage
Large games and apps that force your screen to remain on are more likely to cause overheating, but the fact is the more you use your device without taking a break, the hotter it will get. If you feel your phone start to heat up, turn off the screen, remove the case, and let it be until it cools down. It’s also best to avoid using your device while it’s charging.

Keep it Clean
The more apps and processes your phone is forced to run in the background, the more prone it will be to warming up. Be sure to get rid of apps you no longer use to keep everything running smoothly.

Use PSafe Total’s CPU Cooler
Most importantly, download PSafe Total! The free app includes a feature called the CPU Cooler, which will cool down your device when it starts to get too hot. It also works to eliminate lag time on your phone.