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Don’t Lose Your Phone, Use These Tips and Tricks

Losing your smartphone can cause a lot of stress. To put your mind at ease, and keep your phone safe, here are a few preventative tips.

If you’ve ever momentarily misplaced your phone, you can relate to that feeling of panic in trying to find it. Due to the amount of personal information we have on our devices, the potential loss seems detrimental – videos, photos, and messages could all possibly be gone forever. However, take a deep breath, and a few minutes to prepare your device for the worst. Here are a few tips to mitigate losing or misplacing your phone.

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Start with a Powerful Software Offense
dfndr security’s anti-theft feature is a godsend if your phone is suddenly gone.  In addition to providing you with the ability to locate your device on a map, you can sound an alarm to track it nearby, or even remotely wipe your device through your Google account. It’s smart to enable the feature as soon as possible, ideally before your phone is gone. Why not do so now? 

Safely Store Your Phone
While this might be an obvious recommendation, the truth is we sometimes forget our phones hold precious data and become careless about safe storage. During those rare times you aren’t holding onto your phone, be sure to stash it somewhere secure. If you have a backpack or handbag, place the device inside and zipper it shut. If you choose to store your device in a pocket, make sure it’s entirely inside the pocket and that it won’t slide out. Athletic shorts are a great example of pants that seem to lose smartphones as part of their natural function.

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings
We live in a fast-paced digital world, which can cause us to become stuck in our devices. Whether you’re walking down the street or sitting on a subway train, it’s imperative to remain cautious about your surroundings. Thieves will commonly target individuals who appear unaware and ‘lost in their screens.’ By the time you realize what’s happening, a thief has already grabbed your smartphone and bolted away.

Add a Password
If you ensure that your device is password protected, a possible theft might be avoided. Some thieves carefully watch individuals to see who is genuinely present but also who has an unsecured device. More advanced thieves may not care if your device has a passcode, but still, having one setup can deter the type of thief looking to make a quick buck off a stolen phone.

Any or all of these insider tricks can help you be more conscious of your belongings and still enjoy the benefits of your digital world. Let’s be honest, there are so many!