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Doubleswitch: The Newest Social Media Hacking Tactic

Computer hackers have found new methods to hack one’s computer and social media accounts, making it even more important to protect your personal info.

With the advancements in tech, security, and innovation, hackers are finding new ways to not only compromise credit cards or computers, but also social network accounts and apps. That’s why   it’s important to ensure that all of your social media accounts are protected, because they are likely holding sensitive information. Use the social guardian feature to lock your social media accounts with an extra password right now:

The Newest Social Media Hacking Tactic
It was only a matter of time before hackers were able to find newer and more clever ways to take over and steal people’s social media accounts. In this, one of the newest social media hacking tactics is known as double-switching. This is simply when a hacker infiltrates a social media account, alters the user’s name, password, email, and any other pertinent information, preventing the account holder from ever accessing that account again.

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Knowing that thousands of companies and important public figures utilize social media accounts, hackers have targeted social media accounts in efforts to spread fake news or their personal agenda. The most popular case of public double-switching has been reported in Venezuela where numerous journalists, human rights activists, and many others lost their social media accounts and could not recover them.

Protect Your Social Media Accounts
Reading this information could cause a stir or worry for anyone on social media networks. It’s important though to make sure that you are constantly updating your password, choosing alternatives that are difficult and near impossible for a hacker to uncover. On top of this, if a social media network, or even an app like WhatsApp, is holding personal information and offers for multiple-authentication methods, it is smart to enroll in these options. By doing so, double-switching is ineffective and counterproductive.

So, the lesson is: use the right protective tools to optimize your privacy and peace of mind while using social apps. There is no greater feeling in the world than knowing that your private information is safe away from the hands of hackers.