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EasilyDo’s Amazing Email App Finally Comes to Android

The smooth, intuitive app is available for Android users for the first time since its launch in 2016, with the same lauded capabilities.

Since its appearance as a competitive email app contender last year, EasilyDo’s Email app has been recently formatted for the Android platform, bringing with it faster email, one-touch unsubscribing, and functional mail sorting. Email for Android is free to download from the Google Play store.

Before you download the app, make sure to free up space on your device by removing any old, unused apps. Use App Manager to quickly uninstall apps — in one screen, with one click — to free up space for more apps, photos, and files. Click above to remove unwanted apps from your phone.

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Last spring, EasilyDo’s Email app was heavily praised by reviewers for its handling of glitches and setbacks that had been appearing in various email apps for ages, including the inability to integrate inboxes, uncategorized emails, and problems with speed and loading. EasilyDo’s app virtually eradicated all of these problems, as the app is tuned for all different types of accounts except for Exchange and POP (which is due to change soon). Furthermore, the app has unified its inbox, syncing your different email accounts so the mail is delivered in one place.

With its easy and quick search engine, you can sort through both your Sent and Received messages with a keyword or name search. Giving credence to EasilyDo’s history as a organizational mobile assistant that tracks packages and travel details, the Email app also sends alerts and updates to users of changes in travel plans, delivery times, and other scheduling information. The app also sorts your emails into similar categories, with travel, packages, bills and receipts, and entertainment-related emails all filed into their relevant folders.

Many users are also praising the one-click unsubscribe feature, which allows you to get rid of spam or chain mail with ease. The app also allows users to easily block certain addresses, and you can control the read receipts and privacy settings with Touch ID protection. A quick sync with Wallet apps is also available, so you can store tickets and boarding passes on your phone directly from your inbox.

The Android version of the Email app has taken many Android-like qualities. The left-sided list aesthetic, with round, circular graphics, will feel familiar to those who have always used Android phones. Users can also receive notifications and send voice messages with Android Wear, and for those who use Android Nougat, there are features for quicker group messaging and launcher shortcuts.