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Security Concerns Can Arise While Using Snapchat

Snapchat offers a fun way to connect with people that you are about. However, the app does pose some security concerns that you may not be aware of.

Snapchat, a social media image messaging application released in 2011, boasts an estimated 200 million users and is considered to be the fastest growing social media app for teens across the globe. One of the features that has led to the surge in this app’s popularity is that it does not mimic the timeline model followed by other popular social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter.

Instead, users can instantly send quick snapshots with short blurbs to their contacts, which disappear quickly, allowing users to avoid having to take public responsibility for thoughtless statements that they make on social media. This type of social media platform may raise less security concerns in the minds of users when compared to other social networking sites. However, Snapchat does pose some security concerns that users should know about.

What are Snapchat’s Security Concerns?

One of the most significant security concerns that Snapchat poses is that users are more likely to share more intimate images and statements that they would not post on other social media platforms.

Users who believe that their communications over the app are only temporary and not stored on a permanent timeline often share things that they may find inappropriate to share on other social media sites. Furthermore, Snapchat, similar to other social networking apps, also poses the risk of dangerous internet users posing as friends to interact with vulnerable targets.

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How to Make Snapchat More Secure

Users need to be aware that the seemingly temporary pictures can easily be made permanent by the receiver simply taking a screenshot. Thus, it is important not to send out any photos or text that you do not want the people you interact with on the app to have forever.

Another way to make your use of Snapchat more secure is to utilize a password which you change often; this will prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account. In addition, limit the people who can view your personal photos and information to only the people that you know. Moreover, be sure that you are aware of who your online friends are — do not add users that you do not know to your friends list.

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