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Facebook Knows Your SMS and Android Phone History

The recent scandal of the popular social media site reveals they have been collecting logs of your digital interactions for years.

It was recently discovered that Facebook has been keeping tabs on all your Android SMS and phone usage history for years. The company recently announced that it would suspend the activity of third-party data brokers from the websites in order to reduce data collection for advertising parties. However, this announcement only came out after the company was called out for storing information from personal interactions.

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A good way to protect yourself from these situations is with dfndr performance’s Facebook Messenger cleaner feature, which allows you to delete old conversations and files. Here’s what you should know about Facebook’s recent debacle and the information they gathered while you weren’t paying attention.

Your Data Has Been Known for Years
New Zealand-based programmer Dylan McKay was among the first to discover that Facebook was all up in his business. He sent out a tweet that revealed a downloaded ZIP file from the social media site, containing complete logs of his outgoing calls, incoming calls, and SMS. Other users followed suit by reporting similar discoveries that raised hard questions on how much privacy you really have on Facebook.

Facebook Claims “We Keep You Connected”
A spokesperson for Facebook responded to McKay’s claims by saying that the company has been uploading the contact data of its users in order to make it easier for people to remain connected, much like other social media sites. This was especially true with old Android phones, which had looser permissions on what information Facebook could attain from your digital interactions.

Because these permissions weren’t as strict, the Facebook app removed restrictions at the time of installation that normally protects phone logs and SMS data. Google eventually made changes to ensure that users are notified of what type of information they’re willing to share with Facebook and what data they’d like to keep to themselves.

The Network Found a Way Around This Privacy
Even after Google changed the privacy permission settings, independent developers found a workaround and still collected SMS and phone data until the launch of Google 4.0 on the Android API last October. You can check your call and SMS logs on the Facebook app by clicking on Settings>Download. To grab a copy, go to Facebook data>Start My Archive. You can turn on the Facebook continuous upload setting on the Messenger app if you’d like to protect your privacy.

Protect Yourself With a Security App
With dfndr performance’s Facebook Messenger cleaner, you can delete old files in your chats, including videos, audio messages, GIFs and images shared on Messenger. You can choose a date range to decide how much data you’d like to get rid of — an easy fix to keep your personal information safe.