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The Five Best Free Flashlight Apps on Android

The Five Best Free Flashlight Apps on Android

It’s time to light up your world in the most convenient way possible: with your smartphone. Here are the best options to choose from.

Let’s face it: not many people carry around a heavy-duty flashlight with them everywhere they go. They’re usually large, clunky, hard-to-handle, and can often be mistaken for weapons. While mini-flashlights can be helpful, they often don’t produce enough light or they burn out rather quickly. Thankfully, the next time you’re caught in a situation where you’re in dire need of extra light (whether you’re trying to get into your apartment late at night with minimal lighting or you’re attempting some quick repairs to your car while you’re pulled over on the highway), Android has a number of excellent, free flashlight apps to choose from.

1. Color Flashlight

Color Flashlight has a lot of features and uses very few permissions on your Android phone. The screen on your device can turn into a flashlight of various colors and shapes, including hearts, a burning candlestick, and glowing text. It contains ads, as most free apps do, but the minimal permissions means that your personal data will not be shared.

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2. Tiny Flashlight + LED

Tiny Flashlight takes up about only 1MB of your phone’s data, which is a huge plus. One of the oldest apps available on the Google Play store, it is also one of the most reliable and features strobe light, blinking light, police light, and Morse Code options.

3. Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Super-Bright’s sleek interface has made it an intensely popular option when it comes to free flashlight applications for your Android phone. It has a strobe light feature and is compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

4. Flashlight HD LED

This simple and straightforward app can also use your home screen and LED flash to produce a flashlight of any color you choose.

5. TeslaLED Flashlight

One of the most trustworthy apps available for Google Play, the TeslaLED Flashlight has a simple interface, a home screen widget that is customizable, and requires very few permissions. Unfortunately, this app has not been updated in some time and therefore does not work with newer Android devices, especially those running KitKat and higher.

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