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The Five Most Common Junk Files on Your Computer

Junk files can slow down your phone and clutter your memory. Learn about the most common junk files and how you can rid them from your computer for good.

Junk files are pesky extra files that your computer creates while you’re using various programs. That might not be a problem if your computer later deleted those files after you finished using them. But that’s not the case. Instead, if you don’t clear them, junk files accumulate on your computer, slowing your computer down. Here, we’ll answer some of your common questions about junk files so you can be rid of them once and for all.

What Are Junk Files?

Performing nearly any function on your computer creates a temporary file. The problem is that while temporary files do contain useful data at the time they’re created, they aren’t relevant for long. Even though they’re irrelevant, however, your computer still doesn’t delete them. That’s when temporary files become junk files.

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What Are the Five Most Common Junk Files?

  1. Microsoft Word temporary files.
  2. Temporary Internet files stored during browsing that are reloaded when you visit a website more than once.
  3. Temporary system files for powering on or shutting down your computer.
  4. Temporary program data that is filed onto your computer during installation or program operation.
  5. Improperly removed programs and their related material.

Why do I Need to Get Rid of Junk Files?

Junk files usually aren’t actively hurting anything on your computer, but they are a problem because they are taking up space and memory. Uncleaned junk files can take up, for example, a gigabyte or more of your computer space. If you don’t have sufficient memory, then you can’t actively add new programs. Additionally, if your memory is overly full, then your computer will slow down.

How do I Get Rid of Junk Files?

To get rid of junk files, you need to install a disk cleaner on your computer. The program you choose should run regularly, and you should be able to clear out all of your unnecessary junk files with just one click.