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Flip Diving Could Be Your New Gaming Obsession

Do you crave extreme sports? How about a fun, extreme sport you can play right from your office, home, or school? Meet Flip Diving: your new gaming obsession.

Flip Diving, from, is a free Android app. There are several lookalike apps out there, but this is the one you want. If you have ever wanted to perfect your high diving skills from a variety of platforms, then this is the action game app for you.

Immediately after you download the game, you will read a disclaimer: The following game features diving stunts modeled carefully based on professional stunt and cliff divers. Accordingly, no one should attempt or re-enact any dive or activity performed in this game.

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You must agree in order to continue. From there, you will be taken to the main screen. Hit the flashing green arrow button to carry on.

Diving in Flip Diving

You begin as the Diver, an athletic, trained cliff diver who is a great go-to guy — and the only free option from the start. Your character will perform a basic dive. An interactive tutorial will help you learn how to control your diver. Simply press and release the screen at key times to perform the perfect dive. You can easily access the tutorial again from the dive screen.

After that’s over, you can click on the bottom of the screen to choose a new character. There’s Big Dave, though he’s a bit unstable and sluggish. For a big splash though, you just can’t beat him. Or perhaps you want to play as the Businessman or the Bodybuilder?

As you progress, you can unlock new characters with different skills and special jumps or rotations. You may purchase new divers or you can test your luck by spinning the wheel. Watch the videos to earn coins to unlock new characters or tricks and make sure to use your free daily spin.

Back to Diving

After you are all set with a new character, you have to position your diver to earn the most coins. There may be coins floating in the air or in a crate on the water with a hidden bonus inside.

Backflips and belly flops void your dive. Make sure that you release your diver with enough time to avoid those problems. But if you do well, you will be rewarded with coins, so you can earn characters and new locations.

Playing Flip Dive

Now that’s you’ve found a great new game, make sure your Android smartphone has the battery life to play it! Install PSafe’s PowerPRO and receive tips to keep your battery lasting longer than ever.