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Which Game Will Be the Pokemon Go of 2017?

Pokemon Go exploded in popularity after its release. Star Wars: Force Arena keeps steadily gaining momentum. See why people can't stop talking about it.

Another Star Wars game release isn’t always exciting, but the variety of features packed inside the mobile app Star Wars: Force Arena has rapidly expanded its popularity. When you are in a battle against another player, the last thing you need is for your phone to act up. Don’t let it happen to you. Use Game Booster to improve your gaming performance so that you don’t experience any lagging while playing Star Wars: Force Arena:

To use the Game Booster feature, click the button above or else open the DFNDR app and press “Tools,” followed by “Game Booster.” To experience faster game play every time, make sure to launch all of your games through Game Booster.

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Star Wars: Force Arena

As part of a new gaming genre, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), is categorized as a strategy game — but it combines many elements mobile gamers of all kinds will love. You will begin with a tutorial so you can learn your way around the Star Wars world. While you will want to rush headlong into battle, this game isn’t a “defeat your foes with a lightsaber over and over” kind of a game. Instead, Star Wars: Force Arena brings something new to the table. It combines the best of mobile gaming apps like Clash Royale with the fun of large battles actually played against a real person and not an artificially intelligent bot. The rush of victory is all the sweeter.

First, you build a battle deck around your “Legendary” card, the character you will be while on the field. The seven other slots will become filled by using your troop or support cards that you then allow into battle by using your energy points. They do regenerate so don’t worry. The goal here is to destroy your opponent’s base. Place your troops in the field (and yes, that includes X-Wings) and focus on those turrets. Each skirmish is timed so whoever receives the most points (that’s a plus one for each turret) wins the match.

Click on the items you want to damage and let your troops get to work. Click on the card to deploy them automatically. With more than eighty characters to upgrade, and recent additions to the pack in the form of four new characters (two each for the light and dark side), it’s a game that’s hard to put down and should be on your apps to download list.