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Here Are the Top 5 Green Apps for Millennials

Going green isn't always easy. Fortunately, there are Android apps available to help make the transition easy, painless, and also kind of fun!

You care about water conservation, recycling, and doing the right thing when it comes to taking care of the environment. But wasting electricity isn’t helping anyone. If you are constantly charging your cell phone battery because you aren’t taking care of your phone, then you need to take advantage of DFNDR’s PowerPro’s battery-saving functions. Click here to extend the life of your Android phone’s battery:

It never hurts to have a little extra help. With PowerPro, you’ll find out which apps are wasting your battery and learn how to prolong your phone battery’s life by better managing your battery-hogging apps. This app will help you take “going green” to a whole new level.

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In addition, from recycling, to planning a garden, to learning where your seafood dinner is actually coming from, the following apps will help you do your part for the environment. That way, you can improve your impact on the planet and truly make a difference. The following are some of the top green apps that you should check out now.

iRecycle from Earth911 Developer
This app will share more than 1,500,000 ways to recycle over 350 materials. iRecycle tells you where, when, and how you can recycle a huge variety of materials. Pop in the location and you can find out the name, location, hours of operation, and the contact information for the related recycling organization.

Seafood Watch by Monterey Bay Aquarium
The idea of this app is simple: receive recommendations for seafood and sushi, and find businesses that dish up sustainably caught seafood. What’s more, you can even educate yourself a little on the types of seafood you enjoy eating. It might just make you rethink your tuna fish sandwich. Education and going green are all rolled into one with this app.

My Green Space
If you’ve been thinking of planting a garden but don’t know how to begin, this app is for you. Receive a customized garden plan based on where you live, sunlight exposure, size of space, and the season. View growing info and stay on top of what to do when. There’s even a built-in plant doctor so if something doesn’t look right, you can get to the root of the problem. It’s a comprehensive app for new gardeners.

Light Bulb Finder by Eco Hatchery
Make the switch from the typical light bulb to energy efficient lighting without the hassle. This Android app provides bulb recommendations and lets you know of the environmental impact you are making simply by choosing a different bulb.