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Google Home and Amazon Echo: A Smart Alternative to Speakers

As home appliances and devices are designed to be ever smarter and interconnected, it's an exciting time to start investing in new tech.

If you’re in the market for new speakers, you’ve likely noticed some of the new and exciting alternatives to yesteryear’s plug-and-play models. As we move forward into the brave new world of the Internet of Things, a broader range of products begin exhibiting these “smart” functions. Speakers are no exception to this phenomenon. In fact, both Google and Amazon have recently released their own smart speakers: Google Home and Amazon Echo. Here we’ll take a look at both products side by side to see what they each have to offer.

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Google Home

The Google Home is small and sleek in design, and even offers options for customization with its modular design. The base can be modified with a variety of colors from muted tones like black and gray, to more fun pops of color like purple, blue, and orange. It has a touch pad surface, and voice-activated functionality which boasts long range connectivity. Operate it from the comfort of another room or while running chores without any hassle. Further, if you’re in the mood for higher-quality listening, the top and lower half separate to reveal a high excursion speaker to deliver HiFi sound.

The Google Home is not limited to just music play. Powered by Google Assistant, it can help you get information on traffic conditions, weather updates, and learn about things in your area, like theaters, cafes, or pharmacies, as well as their hours of operation.

Cost: Usually the speaker will run you $129, but if you hurry and catch their limited time only deal, you can snag this awesome find for just $99 starting November 23rd.

Amazon Echo

Much like the Google Home, Amazon Echo is a smart device that offers its users multi-functional, smart capabilities that go beyond simply playing music. Echo is enabled with cloud-based service Alexa, which allows you to ask questions remotely or give a command. If you want to know the latest sports stats about your favorite team, or what goes into a pumpkin pie recipe, simply ask. Need to wake up early for a work meeting? Alexa will help you set your alarm. With the right setup, you can start building your arsenal of Internet of Things products. With compatible products like Samsung or WeMo, you can also control the lights and thermostats in your home.

As far as listening to music goes, Echo’s cylindrical design offers omni directional audio. You can connect seamlessly to your Pandora playlists, Amazon Music, Spotify, and more.

Cost: The product sells for $232.92