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Google Play Features You’re Probably Not Using But Should Be

You already know about your favorite games, must-have back to school apps, and general organizational tools. But did you know about these amazing features?

Are you making good use of all of Google Play’s features? There’s more to the Google Play Store than downloading new gaming apps or Android camera apps. Instead, you can use the platform to read, remember, and gift.

Google Play Newsstand

Get your daily dose of your news, stay on top of your beloved blogs, and never miss a minute, with the Google Play Newsstand App. There’s thousands of publishers to be found within the app. Subscribe, read, share, and enjoy the content from magazines like GQ, Vanity Fair, Fast Company, and much, much more.

The home screen will also adapt to what you are interested in, so when you use the app over time, you will discover even more related, relevant content to love. If you don’t have time to finish an article, you can bookmark it and get back to it later. Download what you need, so you can take it on the go, even when you don’t have Internet access.

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Google Play Wishlist

It can be hard to remember what Android app you wanted. The same goes for what movie you wanted to watch and what books you were hoping to settle down with during your next big vacation. That’s where the Google Play Wishlist function comes in. No matter where you happen to be browsing within Google Play, you can add movies, books, music, TV shows, movies, magazines, and apps to your wishlist. It couldn’t be more easy.

Click the little green banner with a plus sign on the page of the item you want and it will instantly be added to your wishlist. When you access your profile from the dropdown, you will see the menu option marked “Wishlist.” To view what you have added, click it and go.

Google Play Gift Sending

If you want to send gifts (such as Google Play credit or Google Play music subscriptions) via email, it doesn’t get any easier than Google Play. First, make sure the receiver is also a Google Play member. They will need to be located in the same country as you are. From within the Google Play Store app, you can click on the menu, look for “Send Gift,” and follow the prompts. Simple, right?

Getting to Know Google Play

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