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What You Need to Know About Google’s Security Patch Record

Google has had a patchy recent security patch record, but now Google is trying to make amends by finally fixing issues with Android phones.

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What Are Security Patches?
A security patch is a small piece of software that a company like Google issues whenever a security flaw is discovered. In this case, Google creates patches often for Android, because Android phones have a more open system, and thus, more opportunities for security flaws. Just like the name implies, the patch software is meant to cover the hole in the security, which will prevent hackers from further exploiting the flaw.

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Google’s Record of Patching Security Holes
The problem is that Google has not been doing a great job, as far as security is concerned, with their Android device security updates. As of September 2017, Android phones had over 24 major vulnerabilities in their software that Google needed to patch as soon as possible. Ten of those vulnerabilities were deemed crucial and could’ve caused really serious damage to Android users. The good news is that Google states that they aren’t aware of any hackers actively abusing the holes in their software; nonetheless, they’re taking proactive action by creating the patches.

The problem with Google is that they are the reason that Android phones are so vulnerable to hacks. Google wanted to go the opposite route of iOS by giving phone makers and carriers as much control as possible. This means that it’s difficult for Google to patch the holes when they don’t have complete control and can’t roll out updates as often as they should.

The best ways to keep your phone safe are to check online regularly for security updates and news, and to take advantage of something like our security scan feature.