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Google’s Newest Feature: Backup and Sync for Drive

Another day, another new Google feature. Learn more about Google's newest feature here, and how you can use it to sync and back-up across your devices.

New tech devices and features are constantly being developed, and the goal of this tech is often to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. However, downloading the latest apps and features can quickly overload our devices, taking up needless space. To ensure that your phone is always running efficiently in our increasingly tech-centric world, use the Quick Cleanup feature to remove cache, temporary files, trash, and junk files that take up too much space on your device:

New Google Drive Feature
If you aren’t one to follow the latest tech trends, you may have missed the news that Google released a new feature for Google Drive. This feature is Google’s version of Microsoft Office, and it is entirely hosted online. The new feature allows for backing up and syncing your files across accounts or devices — should you use more than one device — allowing greater ease and reliability in their products.

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Their newest product is a way to help back up all of your devices so that your information is stored in the cloud. Google’s service is offered for free for the first 15 GB. Afterwards, you can pay on a monthly basis to store all of your files on their cloud servers.

Clean Out Your Devices
This feature would work well for newer computers without much information or many files on them, but as any computer owner knows, older computers will slow down with old and unnecessary files. While Google’s new feature is certainly one way to ensure that your computer has a back up, it could end up being costly, with users paying for storage on items they don’t really need.

Instead, many computer owners are forced to look at the content they have on their hard drives and clean them out. This can often be a labor-intensive process, as you need to scan every folder and area to see where memory is being used, and then determine what is necessary from there. While it can be a long process, computer owners are often left grateful that they did it, as their computers are able to run faster and feel a little bit newer without being bogged down by unnecessary files.

Ultimately, computer owners will now have more options in deciding what to do with their files, as they can remove them or just have Google take care of them, almost like the self-storage units of the Internet.