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Group Your Twitter Followers Together on Android

Clump your followers into different categories with a few simple steps, and do so with the confidence of having enough space to do it.

One of the most inconvenient parts about keeping a social media account manageable is sorting through hundreds, if not thousands, of followers to find the one you’re looking for. This same situation can often happen on your device, as well, if you download a lot of apps. Better manage your apps by quickly removing old or unwanted apps with App Manager:

DFNDR’s App Manager, with its prime clearing functions, allows you to remove apps to gain more room on your device to house more information. It can clear applications that are taking up too much memory with one click. This will allow you to download more apps, music, and videos onto your device.


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Benefits to List-Making on Twitter

Sometimes searching for a user on a social network does not get the job done as well as it should. Luckily, searching for the right follower is about to be a whole lot easier, especially on Twitter.

There are several benefits to doing this besides simply following friends and fan pages. This allows users to keep tabs on other users that might not want to be hounded by their tweets on a constant basis. It also serves to connect Twitter users with like-minded social media users. You can choose to make it private or public, based on the content of your lists. This is a smart choice for necessary information that needs to be delivered to certain parties, for publicity purposes and more.

How to Group Followers Together

Go into the “Lists” menu bar on your Twitter account. Select “New Lists” and hit the plus sign. The option to name your new list will appear, along with blank spaces. When that has been saved, only then can you visit individual Twitter profiles and go into their personal options, hitting “Add to List” as it corresponds with the new list made. It is also possible to remove selected profiles from the list by performing the same actions it took to add them, and simply hitting the remove option.
​So, the only real setting up you have to do is the initial separation of followers into different list categories. After that, your searches will be simple and quick. Do not forget to press “save” when done making a list. Also, be sure to explore the other options for creating lists, to be prepared for any crossover of lists onto different tech. The app provides this action, as well as other services, to Android and iOS components.