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your guide to backing up your android through dropbox

Your Guide to Backing Up Your Android Through Dropbox

While there’s no perfect way to connect your smartphone to your computer, the DropSpace app can help you come pretty close.

Dropbox is known as a great tool for professional freelancers. But freelancers aren’t the only group who can benefit from a Dropbox backup. The DropSpace app for Android is a useful way to backup all of your phone’s files – including your music, photos, and contacts, for example – to your Dropbox. Here’s how to use DropSpace to protect files stored on your phone.

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Using DropSpace:

  1. First create a Dropbox account. In Dropbox, create a new folder where you can store all of your phone’s backed-up content.
  2. Download the free DropSpace app.
  3. Open DropSpace and log into using your Dropbox account credentials.
  4. In the app’s main menu, there will be an icon that says “Add directories” and then “files to sync list.” In the “files to sync list,” add the folders you want Dropbox to back up.
  5. Choose the Dropbox folder you made before to store this content. This will be the folder where all of your phone’s backed-up material is stored.
  6. Make sure you’ve also clicked the “Sync back files if server has new one” button on DropSpace so the app will continue to sync if you change a file on your computer.
  7. You want DropSpace to regularly backup your files and folders. To make sure that your content is regularly synced, navigate back to the app’s main menu. Here, click on “Run as service.” From there, you can click how often you want you content backed up to Dropbox. You can choose anywhere from every hour to every 168 hours.
  8. You also want to only have your phone and computer sync when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi so you don’t wear out your phone’s battery too quickly. To do this, navigate back to main menu and click the button next to the “Sync only wifi” icon.
  9. You can also sync your content on DropSpace manually by navigating back to the main menu and clicking the “Sync Now” button.

If you want DropSpace to back up your phone’s files, make sure you aren’t wasting space by transferring unnecessary files. Instead of transferring junk, download PSafe Total. PSafe’s Junk Cleanup and Quick Cleanup features get rid of junk files, temporary files, background apps, and cache files, which, in turn, frees up your memory and SD card.