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Hang Out With Your Friends in Nintendo’s Miitomo

Get to know your friends in a fun new way. Create a Mii, answer questions, and play games in Nintendo's new social app Miitomo.

Nintendo’s first app mixes social media and casual gaming in a fun and lighthearted way. In Miitomo, you join the Miiverse to chat with friends, create photos, play games, and customize your avatar. The app syncs up other social media apps so you can easily show off your creations on Facebook or Twitter.

Get to Know Your Friends
Miitomo gives you the chance to learn fun facts about your friends and learn the answers to interesting questions that might not ever naturally pop up in conversation. The platform is built around answering random icebreaker questions and conversation starters that are only shared with people you’ve added as friends. Questions range from silly (“What’s your favorite thing about cats?”) to somewhat serious (“What’s the most daring thing you have done?”), and are sometimes a little reminiscent of a marketing survey (“How often do you buy a new cellphone?”). You might even learn a little something about yourself!

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When your friends come to visit your avatar and vice versa, you are sometimes prompted to answer questions specifically about them. For example, your friend’s Mii might ask you what you think about them or who you think they’re crushing on. Answers to these questions are kept private between you and your friend.

What’s the Scoop?
Miitomo rewards you for chatting with your friends. Literally. Talk to your friend’s avatars and reply to their answers to earn coins, game tickets, and complete missions. You can even get creative and post photo replies using their Miis, special backgrounds, and props. The more friends you add, the higher your popularity score will be and the more cool prizes you’ll earn.

The app will show you how many questions your friend has answered and how many of those you’ve seen. There’s a limit to how much your friends will spill each day, so if you’re hoping to get juicy gossip or just want to be nosey, you’ll have to bribe them with candy.

Show Off Your Fun Side
Answering questions isn’t the only way to show off your personality. Dress your avatar in silly costumes or show off the rare accessories you’ve won from Miitomo drop, a plinko-like arcade game. Special Miitomo drop events are active for a limited time, keeping the game exciting. Sometimes events coincide with real-life events or Nintendo game releases.