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What Happens to Your Battery Life as Your Phone Ages?

If you've been worrying about how you can extend the life of your Android cell phone, you should begin by extending the life of its battery. Here's how.

Your Android smartphone is shiny and new right now, but as your phone ages, you might be wondering what will happen to its battery life. Will it die a slow death? Will it charge quickly and easily right up until the end? The short answer: your phone’s battery won’t last or work efficiently after time has passed — unless you have a little help.

Use Total Charge to Improve Battery Life

The best way to preserve your phone’s battery life is to use Total Charge. Take advantage of this feature so that you don’t have to keep constant tabs on your phone, guessing when it’s fully charged. Total Charge will monitor your battery’s charging process for you so that you can prevent your phone from overcharging. Overcharging can lead to your device overheating, which will damage your phone’s battery and shorten its lifespan. Click here to protect your phone’s battery:

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Get this: you can even view the different stages that your battery is in while charging so that you can learn more about your phone’s charging process. You can view how long it will take until your phone reaches a full charge so you can plan ahead. To enable this battery-saving function, simply click the button above, or else head to the DFNDR menu. From there, look for the “settings” tab. Then, click on “Total Charge.” Tap “Activate Total Charge.” That’s it. Nothing more to it. Now you can easily see, at a glance, how your battery is performing. This is a true lifesaver when it comes to extending the life of your Android phone’s battery.

Phone Batteries Don’t Last Forever

The sad truth is this: your cell phone battery will begin to degrade over time. It’s all due to the materials that compose cell phone batteries, namely lithium-ion and lithium-polymer. As these devices age, the batteries begin to lose their capacity for holding a charge. They’ll hold a charge for less time, and heat will make the problem even worse.

Sometimes, the batteries will die altogether. Some studies have shown that even pricier lithium-polymer batteries can actually lose roughly 20% of their capacity after only 1000 charging cycles. When you think of how frequently you use and charge your phone, it begins to add up fast. But there are some different things that you can do to improve your phone’s battery life so that your device lasts longer. In addition to using Total Charge, one way is to let your phone lose roughly 75% of its power and then charge it up to 100%. This method will help keep it running longer.