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Install Apps from Search Results with Google’s Instant Apps

You can do more than search the Web on Google. Now, you can launch select apps with Instant Apps without having to download them first.

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There’s a lot that you can do on Google, though, besides searching the Web for an answer to your question. You can now play games, quickly receive the definition of a word, and solve math problems, in addition to many other tasks. Now, you can even download apps — sort of.

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Earlier this year, Google launched Android Instant Apps, which allows users to launch elements of certain apps without having to install the app. This feature is an upgrade to the current Android app, and it will operate on most Android devices that use Google Play services. Instant Apps is currently only available on select devices, but it should be available on a majority of Android devices soon.

How to Use Android Instant Apps

Whenever you click a link on Google, Google Play will automatically check to see if that link is meant to be opened with an app. If it is, then Instant App will help the relevant content to load so that you can view it without downloading the app.

For example, this allows businesses to link to their app’s content and let a user view that content instantly, as opposed to a user being prompted to download the app before viewing the content. If they are prompted with this message, they might avoid accessing the content or using the service all together. This “preview” experience may even encourage users to download the app.

How to Adjust Android Instant App’s Settings

If you have this feature on your device, you can choose to opt out of using the feature. To do this, you’ll need to first access your Android’s settings. Then, go to “Google,” followed by, “Instant Apps.” You can then turn Instant Apps on or off by sliding the bar to the left or right. You can also view your instant apps here, and clear any data from a specific instant app under these settings.