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How Hard is it to Hack an Android Passcode?

Even with the world's most complex password, a thief could still access the data on your cell phone. So, if your phone gets stolen, you need to act fast.

While your Android’s passcode can keep the “everyday” person out of your cell phone, it won’t stand up against hackers, thieves, and other trained criminals. Indeed, if your Android is stolen or lost, you should contact your provider and law enforcement at once. You should also take advantage of our Anti-Theft features. To protect your phone in the event that it is lost or stolen, you should enable Anti-Theft in advance. Click here to activate Anti-Theft now:

Depending on what data your phone holds, the loss of personal information could result in identity theft. Many people’s Androids hold their banking info, home address, contacts, emails, and even some NSFW photos. These items could be used against you if they fell into a hacker’s hands. That’s why it’s so important to protect your information with Anti-Theft. Anti-Theft will prevent thieves from accessing your device, even if they can bypass your passcode. You’ll be able to remotely lock your device, track it, erase all data, and sound an alarm (if you lost it nearby).

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So, you’re wondering why your locked Android is so vulnerable to hacking attacks? There are two methods that a thief could employ to easily gain access to your phone. These methods are brute force hacking and using forensic equipment to breach security measures. Read on to learn about the two forms of Android hacking and how they work.

Guessing Your Password with Brute Force Hacking

Brute force hacking is a trial and error strategy, where the thief tries to guess your password. This method may seem ineffective, but you’d be surprised how well it works. Often, Android users’ passwords aren’t that complicated. Indeed, researchers found last year that “123456” was still the world’s most popular passcode. Also, your actual fingerprints can give you away. A thief could eventually trace your PIN number or your pattern on a smudged cell phone screen. Finally, there is also hacking software that will guess a series of passcodes until your cell phone’s lock screen opens.

Using Forensic Equipment to Steal Internal Data

Unless your Android’s memory is fully encrypted, a hacker can drain every last drop of cell phone data with forensic equipment. These elite tools are mostly used by official law enforcement, military, and intelligence services like the FBI. But if hackers know where to look online, they can also purchase this technology themselves. Essentially, cell phone forensic equipment is an all-in-one tool, which bypasses your security and gives the criminal complete access to your phone. These devices are also extremely fast. So, if your phone is stolen, don’t wait around to act!