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How Much Space Does Music Downloaded from Spotify Take Up?

Spotify Premium allows users to download music to their phones for added convenience and to save data. Is this really worth doing?

The bottom line is that files and apps can take up a lot of space on your phone. For many avid music-listeners, this may also include thousands of songs, depending on how much space you have on your phone. There are solutions to this inevitable reality of a lack of storage space, if you value the convenience of downloaded music and do not feel like paying hundreds of dollars in fees. Use the Quick Cleanup feature to clean up your phone so that you can dedicate more space to music. Click here to use clean up your files now:

Quick Cleanup

In this day and age, gigabyte storage on your phone is king. You may use up those precious gigabytes of storage for text messages, photos, and beyond. But your phone also collects a lot of junk files, temporary files, cache, and trash over time. Quick Cleanup will quickly remove all of these useless files from your phone so that you have more room for music files.

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Long gone are the days of portable MP3 players and portable CD players separate from cell phones. There is no need to pull out a disc or any other hardware other than your phone. Further, for many people, streaming services are ever-growing in popularity. Unfortunately, streaming songs off of the Internet eats cellular data, which could eventually lead to exorbitant fees at the end of the month for anyone who does not have an unlimited data phone plan.

Luckily, Spotify Premium allows users to download songs to their phone for added convenience. There is no buffer time or lag, and it has the potential to save users a lot of money long term on cellular data. However, songs do take up space on your phone, but the added convenience outweighs any qualms; you could even add your downloaded music to an external SD card, which will save you even more space on your phone.

The question about how much space downloading songs from Spotify takes up varies depending on a few factors. Primarily, this depends on the quality of the content you are downloading. Premium users have multiple options, but individual songs can take up nearly 10 MB of space on your phone. On the low end, they can take up around 3 MB per song. That seriously adds up and could theoretically dampen your experience with your phone due to a lack of free space.

For most music listeners, the convenience and cost-effectiveness of downloading songs makes it more than worth it. It is OK to sacrifice the storage space on your phone, particularly if you are smart about it.