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How Safe is it to Use Finger Recognition with Your Bank App?

As fingerprint passwords become more popular with newer phones, the debate over password-protection methods has become a hot security topic.

Apps have made online banking easier, especially when a fingerprint can be used as a password. But how much safer is it to use finger recognition than a typical passcode or passphrase? The answer: it’s a lot safer than regular passwords. Passwords can be easily guessed, which could lead to identity theft and stolen money — but you can’t easily hack a fingerprint. If you want to further protect your phone from hacking, use the anti-hacking feature in dfndr security to ensure that your personal information will not be compromised by dangerous online attacks:

Everyone has their own unique fingerprints, so unless the thief were to cut off your hand (horror story style) or complete some other wacky maneuver that would require them to come into close contact with you without you noticing (unlikely), nobody’s getting into your account that way.

The nice thing about fingerprint recognition is that it saves you the trouble of having to remember multiple passwords for different accounts. It’s still better to avoid making any transactions on your phone in a crowded area, but even sneakily looking over one’s shoulder would be ineffective if you’re signing in with a tap of a button. There are more ways to further protect yourself, but security has come a long way with the addition of finger recognition.

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Whichever type of phone you’re using, you can further secure yourself by setting up multiple fingerprints in the password section of your phone’s settings. Not only does it buff the security a bit, but it makes signing in much faster, which is good for those who often switch hands while using their phone. (Bonus points if you can learn to type and tap on your phone while it’s still in your pocket!) Just be sure not to accidentally cancel the fingerprint login by tapping too fast, but if you do, you can always reset it the next time you open the app.

This system isn’t entirely foolproof, as people can still steal your information online through shopping sites or email scams, but it provides safer and more convenient means for banking on the go. You should continue to practice safe habits with your phone in general and while you bank online, but if people aren’t able to unlock your phone with their fingerprint, they won’t be able to log into your bank account either. Fingerprint recognition was tested for quite a while and is now being included as a feature in almost every smartphone. The technology will only improve from here.