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How to Tell When Streaming Videos Online is Unsafe

We stream so much content on our devices each day that it may be hard to notice when something isn’t safe. Learn the tell-tale signs of a legitimate site.

There are so many videos that we stream every day that it can be tough to keep track of whether or not everything we’re streaming is completely legal and virus-free. However, it’s an important thing to focus on, as you don’t want to open yourself up to vulnerabilities. These sites could be dangerous as they are not only illegal to use, they also could present the possibility of infecting your device with a virus. To ensure that you aren’t using sites that create that vulnerability, take advantage of the security scan feature for safe browsing and streaming. Click here to download dfndr security to scan your device for viruses:

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To help make it easier for you to understand how to avoid these harmful video sites, keep reading for some great tips and tricks. You definitely want to stay clear of any sites that are pushing illegal video content, so hopefully you will soon have a better indication of how to do so.

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How to Tell if a Streaming Site is Illegal
There are a few ways to tell whether or not you’re streaming videos, television shows, and movies legally or illegally.

  • Legitimate sites are likely to have normal-looking advertisements on their website. If you end up on a site that bombards you with clickbait ads or has ads that deviate from the norm, then odds are, the site could be unsafe to use. Click here to use Anti-Hacking to protect yourself from phishing attempts and malicious video sites:
  • Sites that are legitimate will usually divulge where their information and content is coming from. These streaming sites are likely to be affiliated with another organization or site that is providing them with content, so look for this information before you stream.
  • Another sign of a legitimate site is if there is contact information listed. Sites that allow users to stream illegally would never provide contact information, so it’s important to look for and locate that information when you’re about to stream content so that you know a site is safe and legal.
  • Sites that are safe, secure, and legal aren’t likely to have many new or recently released films on their site. Thus, if you see any movies that are in theaters or that have just been released for streaming, the site is likely to be illegal — so stay away!
  • Sites that are accompanied by mobile apps available in the Play store are likely to be legitimate, so always look to see if they advertise for one on their site or do a quick search on the app store. Of course, if they don’t have one, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re illegal — just keep that in mind.